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Our Instructors


Ms. Rana Al Kerdli
Ms. Rana Al Kerdli English Instructor
Mr. Mohamed Elbady
Mr. Mohamed Elbady IELTS/TOEFL/General English Instructor
Ms. Nina Veselinova
Ms. Nina Veselinova IELTS/TOEFL/General English Instructor
Ms. Ameni Benali
Ms. Ameni Benali IELTS/General English Instructor
Mr. Mohamed Tharwat
Mr. Mohamed Tharwat English Instructor
Ms. Lydmila Yordanova
Ms. Lydmila Yordanova IELTS/TOEFL/General English Instructor
Mr. Hassam Ahmed
Mr. Hassam Ahmed IELTS/General English Instructor
Ms. Evangelina Stoyanova
Ms. Evangelina Stoyanova IELTS/TOEFL/General English Instructor
Ms. Kristin Mariscal Basco
Ms. Kristin Mariscal Basco English Instructor
Mr. Alaoui El Mzougui
Mr. Alaoui El Mzougui Instructor of General and Business English
Mr. Ion Dina
Mr. Ion Dina English Instructor
Mr. Hassan Khallouch
Mr. Hassan Khallouch Business English Instructor

Information Technology

Mr. Rauf Ahmed
Mr. Rauf Ahmed Senior Graphic Designer/Trainer
Mr. Khalid Yahya
Mr. Khalid Yahya IT Technical Trainer
Mr. Sajjad Ahmad
Mr. Sajjad Ahmad ICT/Network/System Trainer
Mr. Mohamed Mohandes
Mr. Mohamed Mohandes Head of the IT Training Department
Mr. Mahmoud Salama
Mr. Mahmoud Salama Senior IT Trainer
Mr. Mohamed Nour
Mr. Mohamed Nour IT Technical Trainer
Mr. Mohamed Awad
Mr. Mohamed Awad IT Technical Trainer
Mr. Aiman Elkhalifa
Mr. Aiman Elkhalifa IT Technical Trainer
Mr. Maneesh M.S.
Mr. Maneesh M.S. Instructor - 3D Animation. Visual Effects.
Mr. Samer Rihawi
Mr. Samer Rihawi Instructor - Web Development

Business Administration

Mr. Monthir Al Asady
Mr. Monthir Al Asady Quality Instructor
Ms. Nada Abandah
Ms. Nada Abandah PMP Instructor
Mr. Ahmed Mostafa
Mr. Ahmed Mostafa IBS Instructor
Mr. Cy Keogh
Mr. Cy Keogh Communications Instructor
Mr. Muwafek Al Rubaie
Mr. Muwafek Al Rubaie HR , Leadership & Strategies Instructor
Mr. Michael Maamary
Mr. Michael Maamary CMA Instructor
Mr. Feras Al Tal
Mr. Feras Al Tal CIPD Instructor
Dr. Nizar Al Sharari
Dr. Nizar Al Sharari Finance & Accounting Instructor
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