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al khawarizmi International college - since 1985
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Established in 1985, The Continuing Education Center (CEC) at Al Khawarizmi International College (KIC)   is a leading provider of training and professional development programs for individuals and corporate groups in the UAE.  The Continuing Education Center at KIC offers a wide range of courses in the fields of IT, Business, and English. The CEC has partnerships with well-known global training and testing organizations, such as Microsoft, Comptia, Adobe, Pearson Vue, Association of Business Practitioners (ABP), Project Management Institute (PMI), and King’s English School, which currently runs a branch at KIC.

Over the years, The Continuing Education Center has built one of the best training methodologies in the region, which focuses on developing students individually, and helping them apply the skills they learn in the classroom, to their professional lives.  To maintain our high academic standards, we employ the most qualified instructors, with years of experience and who are experts in their fields.   All instructors are dedicated to their students’ success and play an integral role in helping them achieve their professional and personal goals.

We provide our students with a state-of-the-art learning facility and the most up-to-date resources and technology.  Since most of our trainees work full time, we offer flexible class hours to accommodate a variety of schedules.  All of our professional development and personal improvement trainees receive internationally recognized certifications, which assist in advancing their careers.


Through challenging training courses, The Continuing Education Center contributes to the advancement and transformation of the UAE into a more skilled, diverse, and knowledge-based community.  In turn, this raises the standards and the quality of life of our students and improves our community.  Both individuals and industry professionals benefit from the high standards and good reputation of the CEC.

Mission / vision


The Continuing Education Centre (CEC) at Al Khawarizmi International College – CEC (KIC) aspires to provide world-class quality training programs in areas of national and regional needs in order to make significant contribution to the human capital development in the region in line with the Strategic Plan 2030 of the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC).


  • The CEC at KIC is committed to regularly assess the current and future training needs of the UAE community and respond by providing training programs that are certified by international professional and industrial bodies and also meet the core-life skills as described by the UAE National Qualification Framework. Whenever the need arises, locally developed programs will be offered using the same standard of internationally accredited programs.
  • All training programs will be offered using the best practices found at world-class training centers.The contents of all international programs will be customized to suit the UAE society and the region.


  • Respect for the UAE social system, Islamic and other cultures.
  • Transparency, fairness, and equitable opportunities for all.
  • Social responsibility.
  • Ethical code of conduct.
  • Teamwork spirit and positive thinking.
  • Lifelong Learning and innovation.

Strategic Goals

KIC aims at being the leading institution for excellence in learning and teaching by:

  • Carefully analyzing the local needs and regional development plans to introduce the necessary high quality professional training programs for human capital development and lifelong learning.
  • Recruiting and retaining qualified trainers and engaging them actively in on-going research activities, academic and professional development.
  • Providing state-of-the-art campus with all educational and other facilities that meet or exceed the expectations of most of the learners.
  • Providing a friendly, conducive and challenging environment that helps the Learners, Staff, and Trainers to excel in their fields.
  • Qualify and equip the learners with local industry-related knowledge & skills.
  • Establish strategic partnerships for collaborative agreements with professional bodies.
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