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  • Al Ain : 037555005
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Khawarizmi Training Solutions
al khawarizmi International college - since 1985
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  • Abu Dhabi : 024080000
  • Al Ain : 037555005
  • Al Bahia : 022015000

We invite you to contact us with any queries you might have, whether course and media-related, etc. Please include your full name, valid email address and telephone number so we can connect with you. Please type the details of your requirement in the Message field. Once we receive your contact form, we’ll send you an acknowledgement via email. One of our KIC staff will contact you within a few days of receiving your form. We thank you for your interest in KIC and look forward to assisting you with your query.

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Abu Dhabi

AI Moroor Road,
Next To The Main Bus Station,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Al Meryal, Next to Al Towaya park
68297. Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

Near Deerfields Mall, Al Bahia

Email : info@khawarizmi.com; info.alain@khawarizmi.com
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