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Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is an awarding body for Leadership and Management qualifications in the UK. It is also a professional membership body for leaders and managers in the UK — providing a wide range of career support services to members.

The qualifications are made up of a wide range of units covering core Management skills, such as understanding how to organize and delegate and how to gain skills in communication, team leadership, change, innovation and managing people and relationships.

This flexibility in unit choice is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the employer.

The Level 3 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Leadership and Management are ideal for individuals who have management responsibilities but no formal training, and are serious about developing their abilities.  Practicing team leaders seeking to move to the next level of management and managers who need to lead people though organizational change, budget cuts or other pressures are also eligible.

  • Gain a variety of key management skills and put them into practice in your own role
  • Build leadership capabilities (motivate and engage teams, manage relationships confidently)
  • Develop leadership and management skills using your own knowledge, values and motivations.

Free Additional modules offered by Al Khawarizmi College exclusively for their ILM students:

  • Soft Skills modules
  • Spoken English (optional)
  • Mock tests for ensuring additional preparation for the exam

Additional facilities offered by Al Khawarizmi exclusively for their students:

  • Repetition of specific modules for those who didn’t pass the exam on the first attempt
  • Waiver of Exam fees for second attempt, if needed
  • Transportation to classes for female students who live within 10km of the College
  • Certification of attendance issued by Al Khawarizmi College and approved by Ministry regardless of exam results
  • Job assistance after course completion

Key Topics include:

  • Organizational Context of the HRM Function
  • Key Personal Skills/Competencies for HRM Practitioners
  • HR Role and Responsibilities of Line Managers Models of HRM in the Civil, Public, Private and Not for Profit Sectors
  • Recording, Analyzing and Utilizing Information
  • Performance Development & Reward Management
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Recruitment & Selection Policies and Procedures &
  • Skills in Recruitment and Selection Interviewing
  • The Public Appointments Service
  • Induction and Probation
  • Employee Relations
  • Employment Law

Course Format:


Qualification title and number Credit value Structure
Level 3 Award in

Leadership and



Minimum 4 credits

Maximum 12 credits

One hour induction

▶▶At least two hours tutorial support

▶▶All units must be taken from Group 1*

▶▶Minimum two units

Level 3 Certificate

in Leadership and



Minimum 13 credits

Maximum 36 credits

Two hour induction

▶▶At least four hours tutorial support

▶▶Choice of units from Groups 1 and 2, where Group 1 contains

Level 3 units and Group 2 contains units at Levels 2 and 4*

▶▶Maximum of 6 credits from Group 2

Level 3 Diploma

in Leadership and



Minimum 37 credits Two hour induction

▶▶At least seven hours tutorial support

▶▶Choice of units from Groups 1 and 2, where Group 1 contains

Level 3 units and Group 2 contains units at Levels 2 and 4*

▶▶Maximum of 18 credits from Group 2


* These schemes can be achieved through covering the required number of credits selected from the attached list of courses.





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