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Management & Business Skills

International Business Skills Diploma

This program comprises of 8 soft skills short modules which are listed below. Candidates who complete 4 modules will receive an international certification, and candidates who complete all 8 modules will be awarded with an international professional diploma, from The Association of Business Practitioners (ABP) – UK.

Intermediate Award in Business Basics & Finance

The Business Basics & Finance Award introduces everyday business terminology and relates this to the more common legal business entities. The different internal and external factors that affect a business are explained and their importance explored. Basic financial planning is introduced and there is a focus on making best use of available resources, with particular emphasis placed on the importance of cash flow to the business.

Intermediate Award in Business Communication

The Business Communication Award focuses on the importance of good communication throughout a business and the vital role it plays in its success. After successfully completing this award, delegates will appreciate the various types of communication used in a business, the importance of overcoming communication barriers and they will have a better understanding of good communication techniques.

Intermediate Award in Business Etiquette
The Business Etiquette Award focuses on how a business interacts with both external and internal stakeholders. Understanding business etiquette, the established convention in which businesses relate to each other, is an essential skill for a business employee and this award introduces some of the cultural business expectations that are to be expected in the modern business environment. The award also introduces the important concept of business ethics.

Intermediate Award in Customer Service

This award has been designed to give delegates an understanding, both practically and theoretically, of the importance of customer service to a business and an appreciation of the important role they can play in delivering. effective customer service.

Intermediate Award in IT for Business
The use of Information Technology is now fundamental to the success of a business. This award explores some of the more common technologies in everyday business and aims to give students an understanding of the technical and management skills required in the rapidly
changing IT and business environment. This award will give delegates more confidence in the more common IT packages and enable them to derive maximum benefit from them.

Intermediate Award in People Skills

A business’s success mainly relies on how effectively it deals with the people it employs and how these employees interact with each other. This award looks closely at some of the key issues that arise when dealing with people and aims to equip delegates with the necessary skills to deal with teams and the conflict that may arise. It particularly looks at self management and dealing with issues relating to conflict.

 Intermediate Award in Self Awareness & Personal Development

The Self Awareness & Personal Development Award focuses on the importance of being aware of how we behave and appear to others. This ‘self awareness’ is an important first step toward personal development. This award introduces some of the skills and techniques that are available to managers and employees to greatly assist their own and their team’s personal development.

Intermediate Award in Time Management
Time is a fixed resource over which we have no control. How we use that time, however, can greatly influence how effective we become. This module is designed to ensure that you are aware of your current time management techniques and what you can do to improve them over the short, medium and long term. It particularly looks at many of the most common time wasting activities that occur in most businesses and provides guidance on how to avoid them.

Productive Thinking in Practice (PTiP)

PTiP is an executive-level workshop that provides hands-on experience in the application of the Think X Productive Thinking framework and tools. The Think X Productive Thinking model is a 6-step problem solving and opportunity finding methodology that was built in 50 years of research by the Creative Education Foundation, 30 years of research by NASA, and five years of field testing. PTiP provides an overview of productive thinking principles and selected tools. The program includes engagement in hands-on practice through rapid protocepting sessions, in
which trainees apply the model to mock problems and experience how it can be used throughout practical applications. The program also includes an applied problem solving session, in which participants work on their organisation’s actual issues. The program concludes with the presentation of certificates from Think X intellectual Capital.

Time Management & Stress Reduction

This course addresses ways in which time can be valued as a resource and therefore managed effectively by management & employees. More than that, the course also covers how the high impact of stress on the day-to-day performance of management & employees can be reduced, and how stress can be used to increase productivity. After developing a full understanding of stress scientifically, this course enables delegates to practice mental strategies through which stress can be transformed from a performance & health constraint to a factor that enhances productivity. Through the effective time management and stress reduction strategies that will be learned through this course, delegates will in turn find themselves achieving more and better results, in relatively shorter periods of time.

Fundamental of Crisis Management

This course provides trainees with a full overview on effective organizational crisis management. The course defines the common types of organizational crises today, and the most successful ways of managing these crises proactively. The courses will cover important aspects of developing a crisis management plan as well as effective and up-to-date crisis communication methods. Delegates will be able to diagnose danger signals proficiently, choose appropriate turnaround strategies, and efficiently implement these strategies in their organisations. Delegates will also be equipped with leadership skills relevant to crisis management, such as making rapid & sensible decisions, taking courageous action, delegating roles & responsibilities appropriately, and learning from examples of crisis to affect change.

Crisis Management Workshop

This workshop aims to providing managers with a deeper insight into effective crisis management, primarily through real-life and up-to-date crisis scenarios. Delegates will work together on systematically analyzing the latest global, regional, local, and industry specific crisis cases. Through this exercise, delegates will enhance their analytical and critical reasoning in crisis management and will learn from real-life crisis cases to affect change in their own organisations.

Achieving Leadership Excellence

This course aims to develop delegate’s understanding of leadership roles through various perspectives, in order from them to enhance their leadership methods and meet their goals in excellence. Delegates will be given the opportunity to explore and practice several effective leadership approaches in order for them to implement the approaches closest to their own personal and organisational requirements effectively. The course will enable delegates to motivate positivity among their teams and through out their organisational environment, through innovative methods of positive organisational influence. Topics covered in the course include strategic leadership, effective team management, feedback management, and team decision making.

Influential Leadership

Influential Leadership enables delegates to define and understand various leadership styles in order for them to understand their own leadership styles and enhance them with ease. The course empowers delegates to make their vision clearer and easier to comprehend in order to effectively translate it through to their team to incorporate simple, influential qualities into their leadership styles which will enhance their overall performance as leaders.

The Competent Manager

The Competent Manager is a course with the aim of determining the skills and competencies required in today’s dynamic workforce in order to succeed as a proficient, competent manager. The course aims at improving delegate’s skills and competencies that are required to manage a team or organization effectively, covering various aspects of modern management. Pretested management techniques will be acquired and practiced during the course, and these cutting edge techniques will leave delegates better-equipped and more organised managers, in turn enhancing their organisational performance and productivity, and yielding their desired outcomes in the workplace.

Strategy & Strategic Planning

Strategy & Strategic Planning is a comprehensive course which aims to define the most common attributes of proficient strategic planning. The course demonstrates the various phases involved in creating and implementing a strategy effectively, from analysis and assessment, to strategy formulation, strategy execution and finally strategy evaluation. The course incorporates in-depth discussions and group exercises of real-life cases through which delegates will gain full understanding of strategic planning and will be enabled to implement strategies more effectively in the workplace.

Essentials of a Balanced Scorecard

This course allows delegates to understand the overall system of balanced score-card and implement it extensively in their strategic planning and management. Through strategic planning using balanced score-card, delegates will be able to align the day-to-day tasks as well as bigger projects in their organisations to the organisational vision and mission effectively. Delegates will also acquire tools and techniques in which balanced score-card can improve communication with in the organisation as well as externally. Also, the course covers tools and techniques through which delegates will be able to map organisational performance against organisational strategic goals, and monitor and control performance accordingly.

Mind mapping & Handling Information Overload

This course aims to enable delegates to improve the efficiency of their reading, be it for work or study. Individuals in any position will understand how memory systems work and the techniques through which they can be utilized to remember information more effectively. The course also covers mind maps and how they can be used proficiently to improve memory of particular information. Delegates will understand the advantages of mind-mapping in thinking, planning, and communication.

Organisational Conflict Management & Negotiation

Effective conflict management requires individuals to be effective negotiators who are capable of creating and claiming value. This course demonstrates ways in which better negotiation skills can be developed to enhance business agreements, team-management, team-work, and in turn manage conflict more effectively. Through hands-on and industry-relevant group exercises, not only will this course develop delegate’s understanding of various negotiation and conflict management styles, delegates will begin to understand their own personal negotiation and conflict management styles, and will discover ways in which their own styles can be improved. The course aims to enhance delegate’s
understanding of highly effective negotiation and conflict management, so that they don’t only have the ability to resolve conflicts proficiently, but are capable of making business benefits out of conflict.

Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving enables trainees to unleash their creativity and learn how to rapidly transform their creativity into practical business solutions. The course provides trainees with an easy-to-apply problem solving process which involves redefining problems creatively, in order to come up with more innovative solutions in a shorter period of time. Additionally, the course will enable trainees to better understand their creative potential and personal thinking styles, and to discover the most efficient problem solving techniques that match their own thinking styles as well as their organizational environment.

Leading & Managing Change

This course is useful for project managers and organisational managers, individuals working as part of a project management team, and individuals working as part of a team to acquire change in a department or organisation. The course aims to develop a clear understanding of change management procedures. It demonstrates an overall process of change management, where the change is first defined, assessed and
strategically planed for, the change is then implemented by the team and managed, and finally the change is reinforced and post assessed for documentation and corrective action. The course covers ways in which change management teams can proficiently plan for sponsorship, which could be one of the most important success factors in a change management, as well as techniques of improving communication & communication planning for change management. Not only will this practical course cover training methods that managers can use to mentor and train their teams on change management, the course will also develop the knowledge and competencies of employees working as part of a team that implements change management

Information & Documentation Compliance

This course aims at enabling delegates to learn some of the most effective documentation techniques in order to ensure documents are successfully compliant, which helps in eliminating an organisation’s time and effort wastage, improve operational performance and meet regulatory requirements. Delegates in the course will acquire and practice the attributes of effective compliance documents such as standardization, accuracy, adaptability, comprehensiveness, accessibility, usability, centralization, and compatibility with technology. The course covers efficient strategies and technologies used in accordance to key international standards in records management and information security.

Effective Presentation Skills

The Effective Presentation Skills course prepares delegates to deliver the most effective presentations by practicing proficient techniques in preparing, writing and rehearsing for presentations. The course demonstrates the science behind confidence and conviction in public speaking and enables delegates to enhance these skills through practice. Additionally, through the practice of tailoring messages to match the audience’s interests and comprehensive abilities, individuals in all positions will find this course a practical gateway to efficiently enhance communication, whether it be in a private conversation, group conversation or public speech.

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