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Management & Leadership

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

The Certified Business Analysis ProfessionalTM (CBAP®) designation is a professional certification for experienced business analysts. CBAP® recipients, who are the elite, senior members of the BA community, become experts in identifying the business needs of an organization in order to determine the best solutions. Today, more and more companies are recognizing the value and expertise that CBAP® recipients bring to their organizations.

Getting to Yes

Getting to Yes is a workshop on the ‘Principled Negotiation’ method developed in Harvard University, which has helped millions of negotiators globally in getting to yes every time they negotiate, without having to compromise their Professional relationships. The Principled Negotiation method is based on five propositions: Separate the people from the problem, focus on interests not positions, invent options for mutual gain, insist on using objective criteria and know your BATNA (Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement). This workshop provides trainees with a simple step-by-step guide for the application of these propositions on their personal and professional lives.

Fundamentals of Crisis Management

This course provides trainees with a full overview on effective organisational crisis management. The course defines the common types of organisational crises today, and the most effective ways to deal with the crises if they occur. The course will cover important aspects of developing a crisis management plan as well as effective and up-to-date crisis communication methods. Trainees will be able to diagnose danger signals effectively, choose appropriate turnaround strategies, and efficiently implement these strategies in their organisations. Trainees will also be equipped with crisis leadership skills such as making rapid and sensible decisions, taking courageous action, delegating roles & responsibilities appropriately, and learning from crisis to effect change.

Crisis Management – Case Studies

This workshop aims at providing crisis managers and leaders with a deeper insight into effective crisis management primarily through real-life and up-to-date crisis scenarios. Trainees will work together on systematically analyzing the latest global, regional, local, and trainee-specific crisis cases. Through this exercise trainees will enhance their analytical and critical reasoning in crisis management and will learn from other’s crises to effect change in their own organisations.

Productive Thinking in Practice (PTiP)

PTiP is an executive-level workshop that provides hands-on experience in the application of the Think X Productive Thinking framework and tools. The Think X Productive Thinking model is a six-step problem-solving and opportunity-finding methodology that builds on 50 years of research by the Creative Education Foundation, 30 years of research by NASA, and 5 years of field testing. PTiP provides an overview of Productive Thinking principles and selected tools. The program includes engagement in hands-on practice through a Rapid Protocepting session in which trainees apply the model to a mock problem and experience how it can be used through practical applications. The program also includes an applied problem-solving session in which participants work on their organization’s actual issues. The program concludes with the presentation of certificates from Think X Intellectual Capital.

Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

Creative Problem Solving enables trainees to unleash their creativity and learn how to rapidly transform their creativity into practical business solutions. The course provides trainees with an easy-to-apply problem solving process which involves redefining problems creatively, in order to come up with more innovative solutions in a shorter period of time. Additionally, the course will enable trainees to better understand their creative potential and personal thinking styles, and to discover the most efficient problem solving techniques that match their own thinking styles as well as their organizational environment.

Influential Leadership

Influential Leadership enables trainees to define and understand various leadership styles in order for them to understand their own leadership styles and enhance them easily. The course enables trainees to make their vision clearer and easier to translate through their organizational image and behavior. The course also enables trainees to incorporate simple influential qualities into their leadership styles which would enhance their overall performance as leaders.

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