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Professional Selling Skills Course


The Professional Selling Skills Course is a practical interactive course for sales people who need to become more than consultative in their approach.  Sales professionals who understand the psychology and process of selling can identify their customer’s needs and handle objectives in ways that can create goodwill and bring consistent results. This course is aimed at those who wish to build and improve their selling skills using a range of proven techniques. It is based around the concept of ‘helping the buyer to buy’, by  improving  the  professionalism  of  questioning  and  listening,  better  sales  planning  and effective management of the sales call. The course also includes role-plays so that you can practice the techniques in a non-hostile environment.

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At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their market
  • Understand exactly what marketing is – and isn’t
  • Establish  a  marketing  planning  process,  as  well  as  examining  the  crucial  subject of customer profiling and targeting.
  • Gain greater confidence in generating new business opportunities.
  • Identify customer needs by using questioning and listening skills.
  • Develop different approaches for different customers.
  • Improve sales and develop strategies for their accounts.
  • Win the selling negotiation
  • Identify and implement various closing techniques.
  • Handle objections confidently.
  • Know how to stay close to the customer: Knowledge of follow-up systems

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Module One: “Marketing Basics”

  • Understanding Marketing
  • Analyzing the Marketing Mix
  • Improving Products
  • Differentiating Your products
  • Developing A Brand
  • Achieving Growth

Module Two: “Preparing to Sell Successfully”

  • Aiming For Success
  • Gaining Self-Confidence
  • Practicing Self-Development
  • Getting Organized

Module Three: “Putting Customers First”

  • Why put customers First?
  • Understanding Types of Customers
  • Finding What Customers Want
  • Researching Customers
  • Finding Customers
  • Understanding the Buying Process

Module Four: “Towards An Excellence”

  • Communicating Effectively
  • Improving your Business Process
  • Providing Customer Support
  • Using Customer Information
  • Using Best Practices
  • Dealing with complaints

Module Five: “Making A Difference”

  • Promoting a Customer-First Attitude
  • Developing a Customer-First Culture
  • Forming Partnerships
  • Building a Loyal Customer Base
  • Evolving Towards Future Customer-First Skills

Module Six: “Making A Successful Sale”

  • Planning The Approach
  • Using the Telephone
  • Making the Most of Meetings
  • Making a Presentation
  • Negotiating Terms
  • Closing The Deal

Module Seven: “Managing Sales Teams”

  • Thinking Strategically
  • Effecting the Strategy
  • Leading A Team
  • Training Your Team
  • Managing Sales Calls
  • Providing Rewards And Fixing Targets
  • Recognizing Achievements
  • Holding Sales Meetings
  • Assessing Your Skills

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