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Will I get class during my break time in the afternoon, late evening, early morning, as I am working?

At Al Khawarizmi International College – Continuing Education Center, we cater to professionals and their needs in particular. We have need-based and customizable short term courses. These courses are conducted from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. so students can take classes at their convenience.

Do we need to visit the College for admission or can you send us the details online and we can decide and perhaps pay online?

Although it is possible to send us your details online, we always recommend that you visit us at the College so that we have the opportunity to share details of the course, show you the work of our students, and discuss the various opportunities available within the corresponding industry, also we give complete tours of our facilities.

If one has already completed some software within a package course, or a part of software, does one need to repeat the portion / software again or can the course be customized and fees adjusted accordingly?

At KIC-CEC, we tailor the courses to adapt to your requirements and needs. Should you need part of a software, or part of a course, we will customize it for you. We will price it accordingly and offer payment installments to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

If one has completed a certain topic / portion of the course but still has some doubts or has not understood it clearly, then is it possible for them to repeat the same or does one need to pay again?

Yes, it is possible to repeat the topic / classes free of cost. We will allot a new time and date for you to undergo the same portion again. There is an evaluation report which is circulated and collected from each student prior to the conclusion of the course and one may request for repeat of the portion of the course in doubt in the same report.

Do you assist with job placement?

Yes, we do assist. There is a profile form which needs to be filled by you prior to the conclusion of your course and submitted to our Administrative department. They will forward your profile to several companies who are seeking people qualified in your area of expertise. This would be an ongoing process until you have procured a job of your liking.

May I take a break from the course for a couple of weeks / month, if it is needed due to an important reason?

It is definitely possible to take a break provided the Administration department in the College is notified with supporting documents and a small administrative fee. The course would resume from where it was left off at the end of the break / leave period.

What kind of certification would we qualify to receive at the end of the course?

The certification that one would receive would be from Al-Khawarizmi International College as well as an International certification from Frameboxx Animation and Visual Effects, India.

Are these courses applicable only for professionals, since they are of short duration?

Our courses are applicable to all as they start from basic and go to advanced levels. These courses apply to professionals as well as beginners. These are all career-centric and focused courses, which are adapted from time to time as per industry requirements.

Since my company will be paying for the course can all documentation be prepared and printed for submission to them?

Yes, we will prepare the quotation, invoice and receipts in favor of your company and all paper work needed will be coordinated by us.

What facilities does the College have?

We have a cafeteria, parking, transport facility for female students at nominal fees.

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