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General English Language Course (Upper – Intermediate)

Course Name : English Language Course

Course Level : Upper – Intermediate

This course is designed to see if students can understand the main ideas of complex text and can produce clear detailed text. Spoken communication is emphasized and students gain confidence in their listening and grammar.

Students will be able to:

  1. Have an effective use of English
  2. Take part in extended conversations on a wide range of topics. If they don’t know the appropriate term for something they are able to find a way of describing it.
  3. Knowledge of some idiomatic English and colloquial expressions. All main areas of English grammar have been covered at this level.

At the end of the course the students are expected to do  ( or reveal) the following as evaluated by the faculty in the department:

6.  Use the spoken language successfully through various processes of oral communication.

7.  Utilize the language successfully through various processes of written communication.

8.  Develop independent learning.

9.  Develop the analytical and critical thinking.

10.Efficient use of IT devices in presentations.

Teachers should bear in mind that a learner-centered method and not a teacher-centered is to be applied in order to achieve the objectives given above. Consequently, students should be given most of the time in class to explore, practice and use the language. Teachers should avoid teaching about the language: students need to acquire the language and not get knowledge about it. This, however, could be achieved through the utilization of seminar techniques. Students, being divided into groups or pairs, given a list of references, and a schedule of the topics, should know in advance that each group or pair will submit a presentation or presentations ( it depends on number of students in class and number of topics to be covered through the course) and lead with the participation of other groups and the teacher a general discussion on the topic of the presentation in question. Further, students are involved in a variety of activities and tasks prepared and designed by the teacher to fully cover the various parts of the topic in question. Teachers, however, are allowed to give some short grammatical notes when necessary to draw the students’ attention to the structures in use.

Daily Classroom Activities

These activities are organized as follows:

# Activity Time% Time Remark
1 OralDiscussions & Presentations 40% 45min Daily
2 Grammar 30% 30min Daily
3 a.  Reading 30% 35min Onceaweek
b.  Listening Twiceaweek
c.  Vocabulary Onceaweek
d.  Writing Onceaweek

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