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National Qualifications

National Qualifications are qualifications at Levels (1) to (9) on the National Qualifications Framework for the United Arab Emirates (QFEmirates).  Each individual level in the framework represents a hierarchy of relative difficulty, complexity and depth.  It indicates the achievement required to gain a particular qualification recognised at that specific level.  They meet the quality standards laid down by the National Qualifications Authority (NQA) and the Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) and are benchmarked to accepted international standards.

On completion of any of the National Qualifications program, students shall earn a number of credit value and a principal qualification that provides formal recognition at a given level for learners achieving cohesive learning outcomes, covering all strands of knowledge, skills, and application and aspects of competency.

Principal Qualification titles used in the QFEmirates

Level Generic Nomenclature Vocational Education and Training (VET) Higher Education (HE) General Education (G 12 – GE)
10 Doctoral Degree Doctoral
9 Master Degree Applied Master Master
8 Graduate Diploma Applied Graduate Diploma Postgraduate Diploma
7 Bachelor Degree Applied Bachelor Bachelor
6 Diploma* Advanced Diploma Higher Diploma
5 Diploma*/ Associate Degree Diploma Associate Degree
4 Certificate* Certificate 4 Secondary School Certificate (G 12)
3 Certificate* Certificate 3 TBA
2 Certificate* Certificate 2
1 Certificate* Certificate 1


National Qualifications Program offered by KIC-CEC

KIC-CEC is the first private institute in UAE accredited by National Qualifications Authority (NQA) and Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) to deliver the following National Qualifications:

  • Certificate 4 in Business Administration.
  • Diploma in Business Administration.
  • Certificate 4 in Human Resources.
  • Diploma in Human Resources.
  • Certificate 4 in Customer Service.

Reasons why you should ENROLL for the Emirates Qualifications Program? (BENEFITS)

·         Nationally And Internationally Recognised
·         Competitive Registration Fees
·         Easy/Uncomplicated Entry Requirements
·         Flexible Time Slots
·         Applied Learning
·         Intensive And Extended Study Plans
·         Credit Hours Qualifications
·         Practical Assessment Criteria
·         Prior Learning/Experience Recognition
·         Interactive Learning Environment
·         No Age Barriers


Internal Verification & Quality System

We are responsible for the effective design, assessment, and monitor of all internal quality assurance processes and provide accurate documentation to enable certification achievement.

The quality management system ensures the ACTVET qualifications’ standards of delivery are maintaining the integrity and values.

Assessment Methodologies

All assessments shall be conducted by qualified and certified Assessors who meet the requirements of ACTVET.

All assessment must be fair, valid, reliable, authentic and with sufficient evidence to all assessment criteria.

Assessment methodology will be selected to utilise the most appropriate methods of assessments for the knowledge and skills involved and will be tailored to meet the requirements of the Unit Standards, where the following examples are appropriate for this qualification:

  • Assessment of written reports.
  • Observation of techniques.
  • Direct questioning.
  • Portfolios of evidence review.
  • Reports of on-the-job performance by the candidate.
  • Oral or written questioning.
  • Review of testimony from team members, supervisors, managers, or candidates.

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Certificate in Business Administration

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Diploma in Business Administration

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Diploma in Human Resources

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Certificate in Human Resources

Course Name: Certificate 4 in Human Resources Course Level: Level 4 Course Code: PQFCO5040114 The Certificate 4 in Human Resources, a level 4...

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