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Appreciation & Farewell PartyPosted on Apr 30

Appreciation & Farewell Party
Some of the main strengths and assets of the Continuing Education Center (CEC) of Al Khawarizmi International College are the Instructors and their career development.
CEC family members celebrated the farewell party of three employee, Mrs. Laila, Ms. Tasnim, & Mr. Ahmed, who will pursue their academic and professional goals of continuing their higher education and career​ abroad​.
The celebration started with the Deputy CEO, Dr. Mohammed Fadi Qaddo’s speech:There’s a saying ‘all good things must come to an end’. And today, before we say goodbye we would like to appreciate you as a wonderful example of an employee. You all have played a strong role in developing the work environment with your professionalism and positive attitude which means a lot to us. Thank you and we will miss you all the time!The speech were followed by a certificate of appreciation and farewell party were all members ​enjoyed the event wishing their colleagues brighter career ahead.1
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