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Autodesk Revit

This Revit course will empower you to harness the power of business information modeling (BIM) to create complex and functional building designs. You will learn how to create coordinated 3D models that give everyone involved in construction — from other architects to engineers and contractors — better insights into how their individual work contributes to project outcomes.

Revit Architecture training courses will introduce you to the software’s functions and tools, particularly the architectural user interface. It will acquaint you with the views and modify tools, planning modeling, visibility controls, massing, constraints, and dimensions, material and rendering, groups and assembly, detailing, assembly, and many more. More importantly,  Revit Architecture courses will help you maximize the potential of BIM in architecture design.

Who Should Attend?

Our Revit Architecture courses are ideal for architects, engineers, contractors and everyone who is working in the construction industry, particularly in building design.

University students who are working towards a degree in architecture, civil engineering or any relevant field of study should also find this course useful.

Anyone who wants to build a career in construction, particularly in construction design, or wants to enhance their 3D model-based and BIM architecture design proficiency should attend.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this Autodesk Revit Architecture training in Abu Dhabi, students should be able to:

  • Understand and explain the concepts of business information modeling, objects, families, associations and relationships.
  • Efficiently and effectively use the Revit Architecture user interface and start projects using templates.
  • Manage and control the program’s many views, including elevation, section, sheet and 3D.
  • Quickly generate floor plans and renderings and place walls, doors and windows on building models.
  • Update designs and share them in real-time with team members, other teams or even clients.
  • Create and compile project documentation.

Format: 2 hours per day and 4 days a week – 2 hours per day practice / assignments in addition to class

Duration of course: 30 hours – 4 weeks

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