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Certificate in Business Administration [NQA]

The Certificate in Business Administration a program under the National Qualifications is an intensive Level 4 program that equips the learner with basic requirements for success in business administration. It is accredited by ACTVET.

  • Course Level: Level 4
  • Course code: PQFC00040112

Qualification Objectives

The aim of Certificate 4 in Business Administration is to enhance learners’ career and employability in the areas of business and administration by developing a critical awareness and appreciation of contemporary business issues.

This qualification provides learners with an understanding of business and administration with a focus on the functional areas of business administration such as working within an organisational structure, coordinating business resources, designing and developing complex documents, organising meetings and making a presentation.

Qualification Level

The qualification of this program has been classified as a Level 4 Qualification;Indicating that a broad range of specialised and relevant associated knowledge, including some theoretical and abstract concepts with limited depth.

Entry Requirment

  • IELTS level 4 or equivalent is required.
  • Functional IT skills would be an advantage.
  • Minimum level entry qualification is at Level 3.

Credit transfer is available as published.

Duration & Timing

This Qualification can be completed as a part-time or full-time depending on the number of registered units, where these units are offered as morning and/or evening classes during weekdays and weekends.

1 Year duration.

Units Qualification

S.No. Title Unit Code Credit Value
Application Core unit standards (Select 8 credits)
1. Follow Workplace Emergency Procedures HLT04001NU17 1
2. Apply Effective Workplace Communication ADM04002NU17 1
3 Use Complex Documents in the Workplace ADM04006NU17 1
4. Apply Innovation and Change in an Organisation BNS04006NU17 1
No. Field Details
5 Conduct a Meeting ADM04008NU17 1
6 Conduct a Presentation ADM04010NU17 1
7 Apply Office ICT Applications ENG04002NU17 1
8 Apply Customer Service in an office environment ADM04012NU17 1
Total Application Credit Score  


Core unit standards (All core required)
1. Contribute to the Implementation of Emergency Procedures HLT04002NU17 4
2. Facilitate Effective Workplace Communication ADM04003NU17 3
3. Develop Community Participation through Social Responsibility ADM04005NU17 4
4 Work within an Organisational Structure ADM04007NU17 3
5 Coordinate Business Resources ADM04009NU17 3
6 Use ICT Applications for Business ENG04001NU17 6
7 Organise Meetings ADM04011NU17 4
8 Contribute to the Continuous Improvement Process ADM04013NU17 4
9 Promote Innovation and Change in an Organisation BNS04003NU17 4
10 Use Financial Techniques in the Workplace FIN04001NU17 4
Total Credit Score  


Unit Standard – Options L4 select a minimum of 6 credits
1 Design and Develop Complex Documents ADM04001NU17 3
2 Make a Presentation ADM04004NU17 3
3 Establish an Effective Team BNS04001NU17 3
Total Credit Score L4 options  


Unit Standard – Options

Level 3 – maximum of 20 credits

No. Field Details
1 Contribute to Health and Safety for the Office Environment HLT03001NU17 3
2 Communicate Information in the Office Environment ADM03001NU17 5
3 Participate in Social Responsibility Activities ADM03002NU17 4
4 Provide Customer Service in the Office Environment ADM03007NU17 4
5 Use ICT for Office Administration ENG03001NU17 6
6 Participate in a Team ADM03003NU17 4
7 Provide Administrative Support ADM03004NU17 4
Total Credit Score 15 out of 30 available
Total Credit Value of Unit Standard 68

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