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Digital Marketing & Social Media in Abu Dhabi


Digital Marketing & Social Media

Gain a comprehensive foundation in digital marketing, with a solid understanding of how each discipline works, and finishing with how the disciplines work together.

At the end of the series, you’ll be armed with enough information to confidently discuss each area of digital marketing with clients, team members, or potential employers. This course also prepares you to move on to the full-length immersion courses in your preferred disciplines.


Social Media

This module will enable Candidates to develop their knowledge and skills in using social media resources effectively both in their personal and professional lives. Candidates will understand why organisations use social media and be aware of the resources necessary for an organisation to use social media tools effectively and safely.

Digital Marketing

This module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to the fundamentals of digital marketing, including creating a web presence, optimising content for search engines, using social media platforms, carrying out online marketing and advertising across a range of services, as well as monitoring and improving campaigns using analytics.

Cyber Safety

This module provides candidates with the skills and knowledge required to operate safely with computers and a range of mobile devices and to be aware of online threats. Candidates will recognise the need to safeguard personal information on computers and mobile devices and will recognise the threats posed by Internet criminals and scams.

Online Search

This module enables candidates to demonstrate their skill and knowledge in searching effectively for information. Candidates will be aware of different information sources, both traditional and online and be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the same. Candidates will appreciate the impact of social media and the access it can provide to a vast range of information.

Course Outlines

Social Media

  • Understanding social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat & Youtube
  • Creating business accounts, groups and pages
  • Tactics for organic and in-organic reach.
  • Inter-connectivity of social media accounts for automation.
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing) using various tools and dashboard
  • Facebook & Instagram advertisement for lead generation, likes and engagement.
  • Creating and managing youtube channel for business.

Digital Marketing

  • Building a strong digital marketing strategy to meet business goals.
  • Google adwords for search, display and shopping ads.
  • Keyword research, PPC and bidding
  • Youtube video advertisement and monitization
  • Website consideration for business, domains, hosting & design
  • Mobile marketing including SMS & Whatsapp
  • Email outreach campaign, creating list, sending campaign & tracking.
  • Google Analytics and complex reporting

Online Search

  • Understanding online sources of information and how to use it.
  • How search engine works
  • Learning advance searching methodologies to find relevant information.
  • Different types of combination for keyword research
  • Searching with different parameter.
  • Advance search in social media with location, age and type.

Cyber Safety

  • Recognize online threats and how to prevent them
  • How to secure your profile and business from threats.
  • Types of virus and recognizing them like spyware, Trojan Horseetc
  • Anti-virus and its benefits
  • Cyber bullying
  • Plagiarism and how to prevent it
  • Online addiction and saving your kids for using it.

Course Benefits

  • Covers the skills needed to understand the main concepts relating to social media
  • Certifies best practice in effective us of social media.
  • Developed with input from social media users subject matter experts and practicing social media professionals from all over the world. This process ensures the relevance and range of module content.


  • 40 hours / 1 month
  • Sunday to Thursday
  • 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Entry Requirment

There is no specific requirement but basic knowledge of Social Media and internet is a plus.

Career Opportunities

After getting international certificate in Digital Marketing & Social Media you can work as the following profession.

  • Social Media Executive
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • PPC Expert
  • Email Marketing Expert

Course Schedule

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