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Certificate 4 in Business Administration

Diploma in Business Administration [NQA]

The Diploma in Business Administration is a more intensive program under the National Qualifications that equips learner with deeper knowledge on the techniques of being successful as a business administrator in any business organization. It is accredited by ACTVET.

  • Course Level: Level 5
  • Course Code: PQFC00050112

Qualification Objectives

The aim of the Diploma in Business Administration is to give a depth of knowledge, skill and application to learner who are practitioners in the workplace.

The qualification has three core units on health and safety, communication and social responsibility and citizenship, and six specialist units. The specialist units look at ensuring team effectiveness, managing meetings, managing documents, planning and reviewing meetings, managing personal work priorities and representing the organisation.

Qualification Level

The qualification of this program has been classified as a Level 5 Qualification; Indicating that a broad range of specialized and relevant associated knowledge, including some theoretical and abstract concepts with limited depth.

Entry Requirment

  • IELTS level 4.5 is preferred.
  • Level of knowledge, skill and performance of human resources on entry is minimum requirement.
  • Functional IT skills would be an advantage.
  • Minimum level entry qualification is Certificate 4.
  • Credit transfer is available as published.

Duration & Timing

This Qualification can be completed as a part-time or full-time depending on the number of registered units, where these units are offered as morning and/or evening classes during weekdays and weekends.

1 Year duration.

Units Qualification

No. Title Unit Code Credit Value
Application Core unit standards (All mandatory)
1 Apply Business Ethics in the Workplace BNS05009NU17 1
2 Apply Business Communication in the Workplace LOG05002NU17 1
3 Use Budgets and Forecasts in Business Environment FIN05003NU17 1
4 Supervise for an Effective Team BNS05011NU17 1
5 Conduct and Facilitate Meetings ADM05002NU17 1
6 Prepare Budgets FIN05004NU17 1
7 Implement the Information System ADM05003NU17 1
8 Use Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques BNS05012NU17 1
9 Develop Business-to-Business Relationships RET05011NU17 1
10 Use Research Methods ADM05004NU17 1
Total Credit Value of Application unit standards 10
Core unit standards (All mandatory)
1 Promote Effective Workplace Processes BNS05013NU17 4
2 Ensure Team Effectiveness ADM05005NU17 4
3 Supervise Meetings ADM05006NU17 4
 4 Supervise Business Document Design and Development BNS05014NU17  4
5 Implement and Monitor Information Systems ADM05007NU17 4
6 Manage Personal Work priorities and Professional Development ADM05001NU17 4
7 Represent own Organisation ADM05008NU17 4
8 Use Business Ethics in the Workplace BNS05001NU17 3
9 Use Effective Business Communications LOG05001NU17 4


Evaluate Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability initiatives  BNS05005NU17  


11 Develop Budgets and Forecasts FIN05001NU17 5
Total Credit Value of Core unit standards 44
Unit standards – options
Level 5 – Optional Level 5 Units
1 Use Decision Making Tools in the Workplace BNS05008NU17 4
2 Organise Events ADM05009NU17 5
3 Develop Knowledge of the Business Environment BNS05003NU17 4
4 Lead and Develop an Effective Team BNS05002NU17 4
5 Prepare to manage a Project in the Workplace BNS05004NU17 3
6 Supervise Workplace Sustainability HLT05001NU17 4
Total Credit Value of Unit standards – L5 Options 24
Level 4 – Select maximum of 20 credits
1 Contribute to the Implementation of Emergency Procedures  




2 Facilitate Effective Workplace Communication ADM04003NU17 3
3 Develop Community Participation through Social Responsibility  




4 Work within an Organisational Structure ADM04007NU17 3
5 Coordinate Business Resources ADM04010NU17 3
6 Use ICT Applications for Business ENG04001NU17 6
7 Promote Innovation and Change in an Organization BNS04003NU17 4
8 Organise Meetings ADM04012NU17 4
Total Credit Value of Unit standards – L4 Options 12 out of



Total Credit Value of Unit Standards for this Qualification 90


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