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English Language Course in Abu Dhabi


General English Language Course (Intermediate)

The intermediate level of the English Language Course is designed to develop both oral and written communication skills.This would be achieved by emphasis on  using and  not analyzing the language through processes of exploration, and discussion of certain topics (cultural, educational, scientific and others) strengthening, meanwhile,the independent analytical and critical thinking among students.

Another main crucial objective is to  internalize the underlying structures of the language through series of supplementary and supporting tasks and activities.

Students will be able to:

  1. Confidently use all simple tenses
  2. Handle everyday conversations
  3. Can grammatically cover all parts of speech

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the students are expected to do (or reveal) the following as evaluated by the faculty in the department:

  • Acquire the basics of the spoken language with attempts to practice intensively on it through various processes of oral communication.
  • Develop independent learning.
  • Develop the analytical and critical thinking.
  • Use of IT devices in presentations.

Teaching Method

Teachers bear in mind that a learner-centered method and not a teacher-centered is to be applied in order to achieve the objectives given above. Consequently, students are given most of the time in class to explore, practice and use the language.

Further, students are involved in a variety of activities and tasks prepared and designed by the teacher to fully cover the various parts of the topic in question. Teachers, however, are allowed to give some short grammatical notes when necessary to draw the students’ attention to the structures in use.

Course Outlines

Weeks Topics for presentations & discussions Underlying Structures
 1 & 2 The Seven Wonders of the WorldThe Modern Wonders of the World
Talking about your favorite sports
Things important to you in life
Auxiliary verbs Naming the tensesQuestions & Negatives
Present Simple
Present Continuous
Action & State Verbs
Present Passive
2 & 3 Telling Tales
Talking about your  favorite poem,
piece of music
Doing the 4 right thing
How to behave properly in
different parts of the world
Talking about school rules
Past Simple
Past Continuous
Past Perfect
Passive Past
Modal Verbs
Obligation & Permission
5 & 6  On the move
Favorite holidays
The Geography of the British
Likes & dislikes
Talking about food
The world of work
Choosing a career
Who wants to be a millionaire
The ups and downs of winning a
Future Forms going to & will Present ContinuousQuestions with like Verb patternsPresent perfect: active & passiveConditionals Time clauses
7 & 8  Relationships
Brothers and sisters
Tell me about it
Madame Tussaud
Questions and answers from a
science magazine
A birth and a funeral
What are the customs connected
with births, weddings and
Written Exam
Modal VerbsProbabilityPresent perfect continuousTime expressionsIndirect questions

Question tags

Relative Clauses

Participles Infinitives


  • 60 hours / 6 weeks
  • Weekdays Classes
  • Sunday to Thursday
  • One Time or Installment
  • Books included

Course Schedule

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