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Motion Graphics – Premiere And Aftereffects

Intro to Motion Graphics, Tech Spec- Frame aspect ratios/ Pixel aspect Ratios/ Video and film standards, Intro to After effects
Interface, adding and editing keyframes, motion blur, Audio, Render queue., Sniper- Wiggle, Parenting, Looping Animation, Race Car- Motion Sketch, Auto Orient,
Dancing Squares- Precomp, Track Mattes, Video Hive Template- 3d ayers,3dCamera Settings
Digital Juice template/ Raytrace 3D – Raytrace Settings, Creating a Motion Poster, Cinematic Title, Typography, Shapes, Expressions
Intro to compositing, Chroma Key extraction-Color Key, Luma Key, Keylight, Difference key and other keying tools,Motion Roto, Advanced Roto- Rotobrush
Color Correction Basics- Understanding gamma, RGB, HSV, Curves, Levels and othercolor correction tools, Day 2 night conversion, Color correcting footage in AE
Understanding 2d tracking system. 1 point tracking/ Roto tracking and 2-point tracking, Understanding 2d tracking system- 4 pt track/Stabilizing/ Camera track
L23_Cleanup 01- creating a clean plate/ Reveal Roto, Cleanup 02- Patch technique/ Paint / Dust and scratch removal
L25_CG+live action Comps, Intro to Trapcode plugins- 3D Stroke/Form/ Particular, Title Template using Particluar/ Light Streaks, Tempo Template, Final compositing using chroma keys and matte paintings.