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Presentation Skills And Public Speaking

Why is it that certain speeches and
presentations last forever in our memories
while others fade into oblivion by the time
they are finished? Is it the topic, the speaker
or the material used? On this course, you will
learn how to use every resource at your
disposal to elevate your speeches and
presentations from mundane to captivating.
By helping you build exceptional introductions,
coherent content and climactic closings, the
course will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the speeches and
presentations you deliver, regardless of topic, audience or media used. The course is
quite hands-on because it will provide you with the opportunity to deliver a number of
speeches and presentations (of your choice) and receive feedback on your design and
delivery, while showing you proven techniques to combat public speaking anxiety and
present with charisma.
This program covers the main components of good presentation skills, from personal
image and appearance, through the preparation, organizing and structuring of a
presentation, through venue and equipment considerations, to delivery of the finished
address. Above all, speaking in a variety of situations.