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Specialized 3D Courses in Abu Dhabi


Specialized 3D Animations

These specialization tracks are designed to propel your animation skills to the next level. Any one of these tracks may be opted for depending on one’s preference and inclination but only once the generalist and foundation course of 3D Animation Suite is concluded.

Today, with international projects and Production Houses setting a massive footprint in the U.A.E. market, the Industry is on the look-out for individuals who can clearly demonstrate the four main key points, viz. High quality work, Specialized skills, Good communication skills and A passion to Learn, Excel and Grow. The four highly specialized tracks have been carefully designed to address the unique demands of the Industry.


The Specialization courses in 3D animation will cover the following Software’s:

Autodesk 3DS Max / Maya – Autodesk Maya 3D animation software will provide a bunch of features for 3D computer animation, visual effects and modelling

This specialized course in animations contains 4 tracks

Details of the Tracks:

  1. CG Asset Creation | Modeling & Texturing

Specialization Gained:

  • 3D Modeler
  • Background creation and Object Modeler
  • Characters, Texture Artist
  1. CG Asset Creation | Texturing, Lighting & Rendering

Specialization Gained:

  • 3D Texture Artist & Lighting Artist
  1. Character Animation –

Specialization Gained:

  • Rigger & Character Animator
  1. 3D Visual Effects [Particles & Dynamics] –

Specialization Gained:

  • Particles and Visual Effects,
  • CG Cloth Specialist
  • CG Hair and Fur Specialist
  • Compositor


  • 120 hours
  • Sunday to Wednesday

Target Audience

Eligibility: Completion of Course no. 5 – Animation suite

Course Schedule

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