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Video Editing Suite (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere)

Course name: Video Editing Suite

Software’s covered:

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Apple Final Cut Pro

Individual duration of software’s:

  • Adobe Premiere: 12 Hours
  • Apple Final Cut Pro: 18 Hours

Total Duration of course: 30 hours

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will acquire the listed skills:

  • A practical knowledge of digital video editing software
  • An understanding of the history of video art and the impact of video on contemporary culture
  • Ability to identify and explain the basic visual and conceptual elements that are common to all works of art
  • An understanding of non-linear video editing concepts including time code navigation, display and rendering protocols
  • Acquisition of skills associated with production techniques including shooting, logging, capturing, editing, lighting, sound, and media management
  • Use of a variety of effects including compositing, motion effects, text generation and color correction
  • Acquisition of knowledge about codecs and export options
  • A strong conceptual framework for video art technique and an ability to articulate the ideas embedded in their work
  • Experience in participating in group discussions and critiques to evaluate and explain the effectiveness of video art created by themselves and others

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