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English For Meetings

Methodology Class Lectures/ Workshops/ Group Discussions/ Mock-meetings

Brief Description:
English for meetings is the ideal quick course for professionals who find meetings in English language challenging. This intensive specialist course has especially been designed to inculcate and enhance knowledge, strategies and skills involved in meetings which can enable the candidates to participate and present their point of view aptly both locally and internationally. This 25-hour course puts a ginormous heed on galvanizing the participants towards reaching the epitome of their professionalism as well as growth by equipping them with the most modern knowledge and skills on meetings.

Salient Features of the course

  • Special focus on the appropriate language for formal and informal meetings
  • Addressing key language points, useful phrases, and strategies essential for meetings
  • Stimulating role-plays for group work tasks
  • Improving upon candidates’ morphological, syntactic, and semantic knowledge to contribute effectively to meetings
  • Opportunities to practise giving presentations during meetings on various topics
  • Warm-up and awareness-raising activities at all stages along with output with activities.
  • Covering presenting techniques in meetings; the composition, structure, and how to put forward ideas
  • Addressing other issues like body language, visuals, and interaction with other participants

Learning Objectives/Outcomes
The activities in this course have been designed to help the participants learn more about the following skills:

  1. Arranging, confirming, and rescheduling a meeting

Using first names/ apologizing for changing a meeting time
Getting emails right / general meeting vocabulary

  1. Starting a meeting

Saying hello and making introductions/ starting a meeting by stating the objectives/ writing formal and informal agendas
Chairing a meeting

  1. Making a point

Reporting progress, explaining cause & effect/ interruptions and dealing with interruptions/ polite expressions / video conferencing

  1. Agreeing or disagreeing politely  

Asking for comments & contributions/ expressing strong and tentative opinions / agreeing & disagreeing / diplomatic language /resolving conflicts

  1. Reaching a deal

Responding to offers/ buying time & taking a vote/ reaching an agreement/ controlling the timing of a meeting/ intercultural communication

  1. Ending a meeting

Ending a meeting and thanking participants/ confirming decisions & actions points/ formal & informal minutes / saying goodbye

Participant is eligible for:

  • Notebook and pen
  • As well as any other additional material.
  • Attendance certificate.

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