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Certificate in Human Resources

Certificate in Human Resources [NQA]

The Certificate 4 in Human Resources, a level 4 program under the National Qualifications, is an intensive course to equip beginners in the basic requirements of becoming an effective human resource personnel. It is accredited by ACTVET.

  • Course Level: Level 4
  • Course Code: PQFCO5040114

Qualification Objectives

The aim of the qualification is to provide learners with the core understanding of health and safety, communication and social responsibility. In addition to give learners an understanding of development and implementation of strategies to source and assess candidates, develop and provide employment management services to staff, recruit, select and induct staff, manage the recruitment process, review human resource functions and facilitate adult learning and development.

Qualification Level

The qualification of this program has been classified as a Level 4 Qualification; Indicating that a broad range of specialised and relevant associated knowledge, including some theoretical and abstract concepts with limited depth.

Entry Requirment

  • IELTS level 4 or equivalent is required.
  • Functional IT skills would be an advantage.
  • Minimum level entry qualification is at Level 3.

Credit transfer is available as published.

Duration & Timing

This Qualification can be completed as a part-time or full-time depending on the number of registered units, where these units are offered as morning and/or evening classes during weekdays and weekends.

1 Year duration.

Units Qualification

The modules of this program have been segmented into two categories; the Core Unit and the Specialist Unit.

Credit value 
33 Credit hours
Certification requirement 
8 Units, 3 core, 3 specialist, 2 optional

Core Units

  • Contribute to the implementation of emergency procedures
  • Facilitate effective workplace communication
  • Develop community participation through active citizenship

Specialist units

  • Develop and implement strategies to source and assess candidates
  • Develop and provide employment management services to staff
  • Support performance management process

Optional units

  • Recruit and induct staff in the UAE
  • Manage human resources management information systems
  • Facilitate adult learning and development

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